The retail price of medium-sized eggs now ranges from PhP8 to PhP9 in the National Capital Region markets, based on the Department of Agriculture’s (DA) Bantay Presyo Report as of January 24, 2023. This was relatively higher than this year’s first report on January 2, with a medium-sized chicken egg valued at PhP6.90 to PhP8.70.

In light of the increasing retail price of table eggs, the National Banner Program Committee on Poultry and Livestock (NBPC on PL) held a special online meeting on January 24, 2023 to determine and address the cause of the issue by reviewing the supply and importation levels of layers.

During the meeting, the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) forecasted a total production of 12.65 billion table eggs this 2023. This is higher compared to the 2022 production of 12.10 billion pieces. 

BAI also reported to the Committee that a total of 497,025 day-old chicks and 514,800 hatching eggs were imported for layering in 2022.

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority’s 2017 Consumption of Selected Agricultural Commodities Report, the average annual per capita consumption of chicken eggs was 84 pieces at the national level. The average weekly consumption of chicken eggs was about two pieces per person.

With egg being a staple in every Filipino breakfast table and a major source of protein, the NBPC on PL agreed to create a team within the Committee that will determine the production costs of poultry, livestock, and other agricultural and fishery commodities to better monitor and understand the cause of retail price hikes.

The Committee also passed a policy resolution recommending the BAI to review the mitigating measures on layer price control and develop appropriate policies to protect the industry against the manipulation of table egg prices.

The resolution also called for the timely issuance of shipping permits and other necessary certifications for the movement of animals, such as health certificates, and a coordination meeting between the DA and the Department of the Interior and Local Government. The Departments shall discuss a systematized issuance of shipping permits to ensure the efficient movement of agricultural and fishery commodities. | JCL