Together with its Agricultural Fishery Councils (AFCs) and Department of Agriculture-Regional Field Office (DA-RFO) representatives, the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries (PCAF) facilitated the participatory monitoring and tracking (PMT) of DA-funded projects in CALABARZON on April 11-14, 2023.

The PMT Team, led by the PCAF-Monitoring and Evaluation Section and CALABARZON Regional AFC Chairperson Pedrito Kalaw, visited and tracked a total of 85 projects in the region, consisting of:

  • 11 projects in Rizal;
  • 31 projects in Batangas;
  • 15 projects in Quezon;
  • 12 projects in Laguna; and
  • 15 projects in Cavite.

The projects monitored include farm-market-roads (FMRs), post-harvest and production equipment/machinery/facilities, irrigation facilities, and livestock programs.

The PMT Team held an exit conference on April 14, 2023. DA-CALABARZON Regional Executive Director Milo Delos Reyes, RAFC Chairperson Pedrito Kalaw, and Regional Banner Program Representatives engaged in the activity and responded to the findings and recommendations of the PMT.  

One of the significant findings includes the underutilized/non-functioning Solar Powered Fertigation Systems (SPFS), which are designed not only to enhance existing irrigation systems by delivering precise water but also fertilizer application for improved agricultural productivity.

Dir. Delos Reyes agreed to provide training on using the SPFS to address the underutilization due to a lack of knowledge and skills in operating them. Likewise, the CALABARZON DA-RFO Rice Program committed to following up with the suppliers on the non-working SPFS.

Dir. Delos Reyes also assured the monitoring team that the RFO will revisit/revalidate the areas with issues, particularly those related to the Biosecured and Climate Controlled Finisher Operation Facility and FMRs, and will submit updates and/or provide appropriate actions.

The PMT is part of PCAF’s mandate in facilitating broad-based monitoring and coordination of the agriculture and fisheries modernization process and serving as the integrative and consultative structure for inter-agency and inter-sector development.  The Planning, Monitoring and Knowledge Management Division-Monitoring and Evaluation Section ensures that this mandate of the agency is carried out. 

These activities also support the Open Government Partnership (OGP) as stated in Republic Act No. 8435, otherwise known as the Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act of 1997. OGP is a global effort that seeks to create commitments from government and non-government stakeholders that promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance and collaboration in the activities arising from RA 8435.  | JCL, Photos from PCAF-Monitoring and Evaluation Section and Project Development Section and DA-RFO 4A